lunedì 22 settembre 2008

As our facilitators said to us at the beginning of the course, I will not try to govern all the knowledge is flowing around CCK08.
This night I had a little thought about what I'm reading and feeling and smelling of this course and now I'm going to try to write down it.
Here are my considerations.
1) Well, as it already happened to me when I jump in the sea of knowledge after some navigation I start to see a flashing light saying
how do you think we could manage this feeling?
All this creating net, relations between people and machines, I can't explain so far but I think that it's not sufficient...
I do agree with the idea you express in shifting that "Knowledge has broken free from its moorings, its shackles", but it seems to me that I'm dangerously near to be carried away by the flow and .... I need an anchor!

2) Sometimes I think that all this speaking about knowledge is focused on an academic dimension, not because is a formal way of doing but because it pretends people with high culture from which it is quite easy the emerging of new knowledge so,
I'm wondering
who can really participate to the connectivism?
is this the future way of learning for everyone?

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